CG Lighting Artists


JAM Media are looking for talented CG Lighting Artists to join our award winning team.
We are looking for hard-working, driven, talented and passionate individuals, who have an eye for detail, to join our team.
If you are ready for a fast paced production and are multi-talented, then JAM Media is the place for you!

Job Description:

As a CG Lighting Artist you will be responsible for lighting and rendering CGI Characters and Props to be seamlessly composited into Live action plates. The successful candidate must be willing to take direction well and offer time efficient solutions to technical issues.

This position is based in the Belfast Studio.


Minimum of 3 years professional experience in animation or related field.

Extensive experience in Maya, Redshift and Adobe Suite is essential.

Strong eye for detail.

Have a strong sense of light and shadow and the ability to enhance mood by lighting. 

Be able to light characters and environments, interior and exterior, different times of day, etc.

Ensuring there is consistency in lighting, colour balance and mood between the various elements of a shot or scene

Making sure the computer-generated imagery looks photorealistic to match the live action plates.

Excellent written and verbal skills.

Demonstrated ability to work under tight deadlines and time constraints.

Primary software: Maya, Redshift & Adobe suite

To apply for this job please email with CG LIGHTING ARTIST in the subject line.