A 52 x 11' preschool comedy series about a little bird who has a big heart

Becca’s Bunch is an exciting, new entertainment show for preschoolers. Becca’s Bunch merges live action, puppetry and 2D and 3D animation – creating a textured world that the audience will want to reach out and touch!

Becca is a unique little bird. She has an innate curiosity and a wonderful way of looking at things.

From her quirky dress sense to her hobbies – Becca is a bird like no other and chirps to her own tune!

Her can-do attitude allows her big ideas to take flight on the most fantastical adventures with her three best friends – Stewy, Pedro and Sylvia. Becca’s infectious enthusiasm encourages her besties, aka The Wild Bunch, to seek out adventure in Wagtail Woods and boldly go where no bird, worm, squirrel and fox have gone before. The Wild Bunch haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on Becca’s list!

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