Alan Shannon



Alan is the CCO Chief Creative Officer & Co-founder of JAM Media and in this key role he has been responsible for the creative content conceived, animated and produced by the company. Prior to this role, Alan worked with a variety of International animation studios, including The Walt Disney Corporation.

Alan has recently completed directing  ‘Roy 03 + 04’. He is also the series director on the Media funded, ‘Tilly and Friends’ & directed the original ‘Roy’ series,  it’s sequel ‘Roy 02’, ‘Baby Jake’, along with various series such as the Media funded, ‘Funky Fables’ series. He also directed the award-winning preschool animated series ‘PICME’.

Alan was the lead animator on the Academy Award Nominated film ‘Give Up Yer Auld Sins’ and directed/animated numerous TV adverts and short films including ‘The Last Elk’ and the multi-award winning short ‘Badly Drawn Roy’.