Layout Supervisor


JAM are currently seeking immediate applications from Layout Supervisors to join our fantastic team for an upcoming 2D animated production. This role is a wonderful opportunity to join an exciting award winning company. So if you are passionate about animation, we’d love to hear from you.

Job Description: 

Produce layouts and colour backgrounds for a 2D animated production. They will be drawn in the approved style as set out by the Art Director to provide a consistent style throughout the episodes and the series. The artwork will be produced using Adobe Photoshop. 

Required Skills / Experience: 

  • Produce layouts, colour backgrounds and manage Layout team
  • Maintain consistency of artwork within style guide parameters &  schedule 
  • Work with the Art Director and the production team to overcome all technical challenges
  • Produce accurate field guides ready for scene planning and animation
  • Ensure that artwork is in line with the Director’s vision
  • Ensure teams artwork is layered correctly and ready for animation and compositing
  • Past experience in layout, backgrounds or environmental visual design for an animated TV Series preferred 

Key Requirements

  • Good understanding of the technical aspects of animation production
  • Strong knowledge of environments and composition and 2D pipeline
  • Attention to detail, problem solving ability and taking direction in order to work in a collaborative environment
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Position open to UK and Irish residents only

Software: Adobe Photoshop