Scene Prep Artists

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JAM Media are hiring talented Scene Prep Artists to join our fantastic team for an upcoming 2D animated production. So if you are passionate about animation, we’d love to hear from you.

This upcoming preschool TV Series production is due to commence in April 2024.

Job Description: 

Constructing the scene by bringing in the characters, props, background & layout and setting up and animating cameras using Toonboom Harmony in preparation for animation.


Required Skills / Experience: 

  • Previous production compositing experience in Toonboom Harmony
  • Understand the 2D animation process, good eye for composition and continuity
  • Ability to work within a production pipeline and deadline
  • Attention to detail, problem solving ability and taking direction in order to work in a collaborative environment
  • This is a UK based position
  • Roles available for both in house and remote working


    • ToonBoom Harmony


Job Share
JAM Media welcomes applications from pairs of people who would like to job share. Please submit only 1 application with both CVs for the job share team.