Co-Productions And Services Facilities

Belfast, UK Production Service Facility
We believe our studio can be a valuable facility for your company as both a world class production studio and valuable co-production partner, which has the potential to utilise the tax credits from both Ireland and the UK.

In addition to developing and producing our intellectual properties, JAM Media own & operate a production service facility in Belfast, UK. This facility was set up in 2013, to co-produce and service our productions and we now offer our range of services to our international partners.

World class animation and VFX services to bring your production to life
Our experienced team deliver productions on time, on budget while maintaining the highest standards of animation and storytelling to make your production stand out from the crowd. We have the facilities, staff and broad range of services to take your projects from concept to completion. Our studio, specialising in 2D animation projects, can house up to 120+ seats with the capacity to host up to three productions.
JAM Media is a world leading independent creator of children’s content
We are currently producing:

Tiara Jones – 10 x 24 minutes for CBBC

Jessy & Nessy – 52 X 11 minutes for Amazon Studios


Production services based in Belfast, Northen Ireland, UK
Ability to host up to 3 productions
Up to 120 seats available in our studio
Bespoke 2D Animation pipeline service
Vastly experienced production team with proven track record
Access to creative talent

Access to UK and Irish

Tax Credits

We can avail of and maximise tax credits in both UK (max 25%) and Irish (max 32%) jurisdictions.

For more information: UK Tax Credit / Irish Tax Credit

Production Funding Access to NI Screen and IFB

Operating in both the UK and Ireland we can avail of production funding loans from Northern Ireland Screen and the Irish Film Board for spend in each respective country. These facilities combined with our access to tax credits can provide attractive savings on production costs.

Range Of Services

JAM provide a turnkey solution for animated television series production
Our broad range of services extends from project concept through to completion and final delivery of series. We can also provide individual bespoke services to accommodate any part of that production process and pipeline as required for your workflow.
Our Belfast crew consist of a highly talented 2D and 3D animation team
Our animation team is highly accomplished in delivering quality animation from leading art software packages including Adobe Animate, Harmony and Maya. We also boast an experienced 3D, visual effects and compositing crew, essential to achieving the wide range of multimedia and visual styles synonymous with JAM in our 2D-animation, live-action, and hybrid shows. Tools include Nuke, After Effects and  Maya.
Art Direction
Character Design
Animatics + Editing
Art Department
Bespoke Production Management

Belfast Crew

Our Partners