10 x 24' series about an intergalactic pop superstar on tour through space

We follow 18-year-old intergalactic pop superstar Nova Jones as she travels the universe in her spaceship, the Jefferson, dropping out-of-this-world tracks, killer videos, and playing sell-out gigs to legions of fans throughout deep space.

We also meet McLaren, Nova’s hyper-capable 12-year-old sister/manager, who is definitely the grown-up in their relationship. It takes an incredible skillset to manage such an incredible superstar.

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Nova lives for the music, so expect at least one maddeningly catchy song per episode. Unfortunately she also lives for herself, so expect McLaren to be run-ragged trying to keep her star sister happy.

The series is as much about who Nova is backstage, when the lights go down and the cameras are off, and the hard-working team who keeps the show on the space highway. A bustling family setup, trapped together on a tour bus the size of a city block.

From intense chart battles and talent-sucking aliens, to confronting space trolls and playing for an audience who might literally explode — the universe provides an infinitely crazy set of problems for a hard-working legend and her even-harder-working sister.

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