104 x 5 minute preschool series where the viewer becomes the star!


PICME is an entertaining and educational animated series for a pre-school audience. The unique concept behind PICME is that, from text to graphics, it is completely personalised.

An audience member can literally star in his/her own cartoon show. Created with the help of educational experts to stimulate growing minds, PICME gives children a uniquely engaging learning experience.

The PICME stories enable a child to star in an episode alongside six cute animal friends. Neville the Elephant, Banjo the Monkey, Gerty the Giraffe, Juno the Lion, Clarence the Crocodile and Umi the Parrot. Each character has a different personality and abilities and attributes.


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The child star explores the PICME environment helping the animals with puzzles and play, the child is instrumental in resolving any story dilemma or task posed. PICME’s core theme is one of social interaction, helping one another and basic learning.

PICME was the first ever show in the world, which allowed broadcasters to personalise the content for their audience using JAM Media’s specially designed ‘Head-Hunter’ Technology. The latest version of ‘Head-Hunter’ allows all viewers to star in PICME on the iPad.