Scott McDonnell

Title: Chief Technical Officer


Scott has been with JAM Media since 2004, building on his own experience as a both as software developer and an artist, he develops tools for artists, oversees pipeline and production delivery, and delivers games and interactive content around JAM Media’s properties.

Scott McDonnell completed his studies in classical Animation in Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design in 1997. He went on to work in Moving Still Productions, Dublin as an Art Director for 5 years producing unique styles for animation productions including the Bafta-winning “Sir Gawain & the Green Knight”. In 2004 he began work with JAM Media on the preschool series ‘PICME’ where he lead the development of the Head-hunter software to allow the series to be personalised with the faces of the audience. Since then he has worked as the Chief Technical Officer overseeing all technical delivery,  IT and pipeline systems, and development of JAM Media’s media productions, software and services across all platforms.